It works and has been medically proven to work with no recorded side effects

Reduces cold sore healing time by half compared to aciclovir antiviral ointment

In the majority of cases only 2 treatment cycles per cold sore is required

Does not require the application of messy ointments

Uses naturally occurring light

Treats unlimited cold sores





Medically proven.

If used in the tingling stage can even abort a cold sore eruption.

Effective even once the blisters have arrived.

Halves cold sore healing time once the blisters have arrived.

Enhances local immune response.

Now with a replaceable battery, unlimited uses.

"...I have been plagued with cold sores for many years and have tried every remedy known to man (or woman).


...I had 5 separate groups of cold sores in 10 days over Christmas & New Year. I am delighted to report that it works!"


E.B. Herts

The Only FDA Cleared Device For The Treatment Of Cold Sores...

Green Technologies

Question: Is there supposed to be actual light coming from the device for the treatment? Besides the flashing light that indicates the actual treatment.

Answer:   No the light is invisible to the human eye, the flashing light lets you know it's working. You'll be able to tell if the device fails or is failing                                                  

                based on the flashing light.

                By J on May 23, 2017


Question: Does it come with the battery ?

Answer:   Yes, mine did.

                  By Megan on February 20, 2017


Question: What kind of light does it use? uv? uvb? blue? red? is it similar to the "me clear" that uses blue led?

Answer:    Its invisible.

                 The website explains it best. Personally I thought it was bologna until I bought one and it worked for me.

                    By Joe M. on June 19, 2017



Question:  How long is each treatment? Does it go off when a treatment is finished?

Answer:     Each treatment is 3 minutes and it will beep and turn off when the time is up.

                   By Audrey on April 3, 2017


Customer Questions & Answers

Battery & Replacement


Your Virulite device comes with a pre-installed 9volt Alkaline battery.


Remove the battery and remove the safety strip over the contact points.


Re-insert the battery correctly to begin using.

Invisible Light - Visible Results

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